Back to Basics: The 4 Pillars of Self-Care According to Namaste NY

For many, finding the outlet(s) by which we are able to find solace can be difficult -- and for others, it may be as simple as going out for a walk to get some fresh air. The truth is, we all go through sh** that we have to get through, because that’s life. But figuring out how to navigate the ups and downs can be challenging, and sometimes takes years to figure out.
So, where do we start?

At Namaste NY, a wellness concierge company that provides wellness advisory and self-care plans to people who need support in determining the best practices for their body and mind, founder Julie Wald is focused on helping her clients find the answer(s) through a multi-modal approach: by bringing them back to the basics, or the 4-Pillars of self-care.  


*This post was created in collaboration with Namaste NY*

When we are able to love ourselves with consistent practices that serve us—body and mind—we build the inner strength, wisdom and resilience we need to navigate even the most challenging times.
— Julie Wald, Founder, Namaste NY

Q: What are the 4-Pillars of self-care that drive your practice and why are each of them so important?

The Namaste Four Pillars of Self Care are Movement, Stillness, Touch and Nourishment. We have learned that the happiest, healthiest human beings have these ingredients woven into the fabric of their days.

Movement can be fitness, but it’s also taking a walk in the park with a friend and getting up from our computers to stretch and breathe every hour. Stillness is meditation, sleep, gentle yoga, taking a bath, digitally unplugging and anything that helps us to restore, reflect and recover. Touch is massage and bodywork, but it’s also about conscious connection, intimacy and affection with the people that matter in our lives. And last but not least is Nourishment - which is how we feed our bodies with healthy, clean food, and how we feed our minds and hearts with community, art, music, or whatever fills us up. Together the ingredients of Movement, Stillness, Touch and Nourishment help to cultivate a balanced and thriving inner ecosystem.

Q: What are a few ways that we can act on the 4 Pillars?

It’s important to first understand how these pillars show up in our daily lives, and which ones seem to be missing. From there, we can determine what we need to integrate most, and which practices feel most appealing is important. This process is not about forcing ourselves to do things that we truly do not want to do. For example, if we know we need more stillness, perhaps we schedule  a meditation session with friends, and experiment with unplugging for a few hours each day. If it’s movement we need, planning a semi-private yoga or pilates session with a friend, or setting a timer on our phone that reminds us to get up and stretch every hour are great places to start. Similarly, booking a monthly massage or even making sure to take a breath when hugging someone we care about is a beautiful way to act on integrating Touch into our lives. And lastly, for nourishment - adding in one healthy food-related habit such as a daily green juice, or making time to cook or enjoy food with friends once a week will fill us up.

Getting very intentional by time blocking these practices in our calendars makes a big difference. Literally putting “green juice” on the calendar can help tremendously!

Q: Everyone has different ways of coping with something that they are going through. Why is thinking about the 4-Pillars of self-care the best place to start?

The Four Pillars are ultimately about self-care and cultivating both the strength and flexibility to ride the inevitable waves of life. When we are able to love ourselves with consistent practices that serve us--body and mind--we build the inner strength, wisdom and resilience we need to navigate even the most challenging times. This approach to self-care also helps us develop compassion for others which brings an illuminated perspective to our viewpoint on almost every challenge.

Q: How can we get in touch with you?

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