Fuel Up With Kafina Energy

When you hear the word “energy drink,” you might think: caffeine, synthetic vitamins, sugar or loads of calories - and to be honest, that’s pretty much always the case. But, not always. Enter Kafina Energy, a plant-powered energy elixir created by two Seventh Generation alums to fuel, restore and awaken people through the healing power of plants - and get this: it’s gluten-free, non-gmo, vegan and only has 10 calories per bottle. Talk about a game changer. 

I was introduced to Kafina earlier this summer (they actually sponsored one of my #RunWithJamie events with Bandier) and was curious to learn more. I’ve always steered away from energy drinks for the very reasons listed above, but this one seemed worth a try. So, I sat down with co-founders of Kafina Energy, Kathleen O’Brien and Heather Beach, to better understand what makes Kafina different (why Kafina is not like the rest). Scroll down to read the full interview below!

*this post was created in partner with Kafina Energy*



Q: Why the name Kafina? 

We named our product after the Goddess of Coffee herself in honor of how the formula was passed down during Heather’s shamanic journey back in 2012.  Typically, most consumer products are developed in a boardroom or lab, but not Kafina! We developed a great video so you can experience what Heather did during her journey, check it out  here

Q: A lot of people are hesitant to try various energy drinks and/or supplements, but what makes Kafina energy different? Why should I take Kafina rather than picking up my traditional power bar? 

Kafina is very different from the rest of the products in the energy category in a number of ways. The first being that the energy and benefits actually come from the adaptogenic herbs; they are not driven by loads of caffeine, synthetic vitamins, sugar or calories. In fact, even though the product contains coffee, it has just 11mg of caffeine, which is equivalent to a cup of decaf. Kafina is also all organic, preservative-free and sweetened with a low glycemic sweetener: organic Vermont maple syrup. Additionally, Kafina is gluten free, vegan, non-gmo and uses fair trade coffee. The magic of Kafina is that it gives people the energy and productivity increase they are seeking without chemicals, crash or depleting the body, fueling the mind, body and soul.  

We also made a purposeful choice to bottle it in a sustainable, beautiful glass package that can be fully recycled. We love that Kafina gives people the benefits and energy they need without any compromise on performance or quality inside and out.

Q: Let’s get into the details! Can you go into more depth on the specific ingredients that make up the elixir
and the benefits of each?  

Some of our ingredients will be familiar to you–while others might be new–but they all have one thing in common: for thousands of years people have consumed them for their healing properties. We are on a mission as a company to fuel, restore and awaken people through the healing power of plants and the specific combination of these plants and the process we use to make Kafina® brings out the best qualities of these amazing herbs.

Here’s a quick rundown of the five simple, clean and organic ingredients you’ll find in each bottle: 

Schisandra berry: A powerful adaptogen, Schisandra is a berry commonly used in Chinese medicine where it is believed to slow the aging process, increase both mental and physical energy and fight fatigue and stress. Schisandra is included in many traditional herbal formulas for improving energy and mental health and modern research suggests it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, helping us maintain healthy cells. 

Fenugreek: Research suggests this small but mighty seed stabilizes blood sugar and lowers cholesterol and has also been shown to possess fat-burning properties. 

Cardamom: Research suggests this common spice is an anti-inflammatory that contains antioxidants and diuretic properties to help lower blood pressure. It is also known to ease digestion. Research also shows that cardamom may have antidepressant properties that also reduce anxiety. This amazing little spice may also help the body flush out toxins and free radicals. 

Coffee: This bean we all know and love has been shown to improve various aspects of brain function, boosts metabolism and is high in antioxidants. 

Maple syrup: A low glycemic sweetener that contains significant levels of nourishing vitamins and minerals. Research also suggests this delicious sweetener may have health benefits of its own such as anti-inflammatory and skin health benefits.

Q: What are the best ways to consume Kafina, and when is the best time to drink it? Have you noticed any significant changes since adding it into your daily routines? 

People drink Kafina when they need unwavering energy, a mood boost or increased mental focus/stamina, so it really can be taken any time of day. The most popular times are first thing in the morning, during “the afternoon slump,” pre and/or post workout, and also right before a night out. Kafina can  also be great for jet lag and intermittent fasting. We keep hearing about all of the amazing ways Kafina helps people fuel their best lives.

We both take Kafina every day, sometimes several!  We both have it first thing in the morning and as pre-workout pretty regularly.  Kathleen is an early riser, so she also loves to use it before a night out so she can stay awake but still be able to get a good night's sleep afterwards.  

Q: As an avid runner, how can I expect Kafina to affect my performance? 

We have heard many times as well as experienced ourselves how Kafina significantly enhances athletic performance. For runners, we’ve heard many times over how Kafina increases speed and endurance.  Brand Ambassadors Brian Mazza and Dani Horan Jenny were willing to collaborate with us because of Kafina and how it helps fuel their workouts, their competitions and their lives every single day.

Q: For those of us who want to shake it up, do you have any recipes that you suggest we add Kafina to?

Many people love adding Kafina straight to their coffee. The flavor profile is great for that. It also works well with many teas.  We just learned of some wonderful Kafina cocktail recipes a mixologist at Feroce in New York developed.  Because of the coffee berry taste, Kafina has a lot of versatility to be added to drinks and smoothies.  It’s also fantastic on it’s own served hot or cold. Heather can’t drink coffee (caffeine sensitive), so she has Kafina on it’s own.


Jamie’s Morning Kafina Smoothie

*Serves 1 person*

The recipe:
1 Banana
1 Bottle of Kafina Energy
1 Teaspoon Cinnamon
1/2 Cup Almond Milk
1 Scoop Chocolate Protein

To make:
Blend all ingredients together with ice until smooth. Drink immediately after! Best early in the morning before heading out to work, before a workout, or when you need an afternoon pick-me-up!


Q: Where can we shop for Kafina? 

Kafina is available online on at kafinaenergy.com, and Amazon.  We’re currently rolling out into many retail stores with a focus on the North East, NYC (through a partnership with Gotham Brand Managers) and San Francisco. Kafina will also soon be available in select boutique gyms and fitness spaces, such as the Dog Pound in NY and LA.

Q: Finally, what’s next for Kafina? Any big plans in store? 

We’re extremely excited to have a new partnership with Brian Mazza, a true believer and steward of Kafina and an amazing leader, competitor, businessman, father amongst other things!  We’ll be fueling his HPLT Fitness Retreat in Miami this October. 

Our biggest plans are to fuel, restore and awaken people through the healing power of plants.  This inspires us every day and guides every decision. Part of this mission to to make Kafina available to as many people as possible and we plan to do that by forming the right collaborations, relationships and distribution at a fast pace so we can live up to that mission and really make an impact in the lives of our customers.

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