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Bianca Valle Talks Nutrition, Balance, and the Truth About Celery Juice

A long time role model of mine, and now a friend, Bianca Valle is not only known for her unique approach to style and beauty, but also more recently, her expertise in nutrition. For the former beauty editor at NYLON, freelance content creator, and NYU-grad, pursuing a career in…

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Easy Pad-Thai

After getting a lot of requests for this recipe, I decided that I needed to post it ASAP. I typically try to cook all of my meals during the week because it is both cheaper and way healthier. When you cook your own food, you're able to not only control the ingredients that you are consuming but also become more aware about how much you're eating...

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Coconut Macaroons

Every year my mom has a little lunch to celebrate her birthday, on which I always help with all of the cooking (and baking). For years, I would spend two days making her a huge coconut layer cake that was an adaptation from an old Martha Stewart recipe. This year, however, mom wanted me to skip the long process of making the cake a try something new...

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