Q: How do you stay motivated to workout when it's cold outside?
I actually prefer running in the cold so much more than when it’s hot out--but I know that this is not the general consensus :).  A lot of people find it hard to stay motivated when the weather is grey and/or gloomy but here’s my advice: If you’re having one of those days where you can’t decide whether or not you should workout, remember how you feel once you’re done and think about your purpose for getting in a sweat. For me, working out isn’t 100% about getting into shape but is about me getting some mental clarity. With that being said, I need to get in workouts in a more regimented way, otherwise, I get super stressed out and don’t feel like myself. So, I always know that even if I don’t have my best workout, I’ll be happy that I went!

Jamie GrimstadComment