Q: Hey jamie i just wanted to let you know i think it's so cute and so thoughtful that you take the time out to really help people with style/fashion/wellness etc. it's rare to find someone that is fortunate in the way you are that actively works to make the world a better place both materially, mentally, spiritually, etc. i seriously commend you for being so devoted to your blog and followers despite school and work, etc. there is definitely an incredible future ahead of you! keep doing what you're doing!

Hi! Thank you so much for submitting this, it made my day!! I love being able to talk to you guys and offer my advice in the ways. I have realized that so many of us go through the same things and are working towards the same goals, which is super comforting! With that being said, girls shouldn't be bringing each other down, but instead, banding together. This is why I do this, so thank you so much! xx

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