Q: What do you eat on a typical day for breakfast, lunch and dinner? (and snack if you eat any)

Hi! A typical day (if all goes well) is below: 
Morning: coffee with soy milk, water + apple cider vinegar, probiotics, chobani yogurt cup (sometime with fruit or GF granola; I always buy the cups because it is good for portion control) 
Lunch: I usually have a salad with some veggies & chicken or I have jasmine rice with veggies (kind-of like a stir fry) 
Dinner: I eat a lot of rice & vegetables, chicken, & fish so at night I will typically have some combination of those three! 

If i'm hungry in the afternoon, I will typically have some rice cakes or baby carrots with hummus. A piece of dark chocolate here and there also helps to curb my (larger) sugar cravings. 

Hope this helps! 

Jamie GrimstadComment