Q: How do you combat late night cravings and snacking? That's where I lose my macros.

I totally feel you on this one, especially if you eat dinner early. Here's a few of the ways that I, personally, try to avoid the late night cravings and/or snacking: 
- Brush my teeth!! 
- Drink a lemon-ginger tea with honey (this might fulfill your sweet craving) 
- Remind yourself that you won't feel better!! More food doesn't always = happiness. 
- Don't have anything in your fridge that might sound like a good late-night snack (i.e. if you don't have the cookies in your kitchen, then you won't eat cookies) 
- Keep fruit in your fridge! I love red cherries at night because they are sweet but still so good for you. Sometimes this really helps me if I'm trying to eat less processed sugar. 

Hope this helps! x

Jamie GrimstadComment