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Q: Thoughts on Sakara? Can you give me a brief review about it?

Hi! So i have mixed feelings: I prefer making my own food, and have always been weird about prepped meal plans -- but people love it! I am actually about to try it again, so I think I might be able to do a more thorough review once I give it another shot? I promise to post my thoughts! x

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Q: Jw, why do you not weigh yourself? 

I had a really bad relationship with weight/scale a few years ago and since, decided that it personally is not the most healthy way to gauge how I feel about myself. People have placed this really bad stigma on the idea that the less you weigh, the more "fit" or "skinny" you are, and this is just not true at all. I like to approach being fit now by how I feel mentally and physically -- not by what a number on a scale tells me -- but this is just a personal preference! :) 

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Q: How do I keep the freshman 15 off? 

I don't think there's one way to do this/one method that works for everyone. I will say that one thing that I wish I would have done differently my Freshman year of college was establish a routine early on. I should have been more firm about waking up and getting my workout in before having a full day, going to sleep at a reasonable hour, and not late night snacking!! I think these are the things that will get you!! Also, maybe check out my "Feel Good Plan" as a good guideline? For some people, it really helps!! I hope this was helpful! :) 

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